Duck Duck Go!.

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For the past few months, I've made the switch from the all-powerful monster that is Google to the rather brilliant Duck Duck Go search engine provider for my browsing habits. I have used DDG in the past but at the time, everything just seemed a little... unfinished. The UI was a little difficult to find your way around, the algorithms it used didn't seem to bring anything useful back and it was just generally a slow search engine.

I mean, I totally understand why all of the above were present, but unfortunately, for my purposes it was pretty much totally unusable.

I've got magpie-esque tendencies with regards to having a natural draw to trying something new. That new shiny thing, the newest music/movie streaming service (damn you iTunes music and Amazon Prime)... I'll jump on it within a second of it launching just to try it out. I mean, I went to Android and the Samsung Galaxy S3 back in 2014 and boy did i regret that decision for those 3 awful weeks that I had it.

Duck Duck Go was a bit like this, only it didn't cost me the best part of £500 to get shut of it when I didn't like it anymore.

Probably no more than 3 weeks ago, I went back to Duck Duck Go and I was more than surprised. Everything was different. Everything just seemed to work! The user experience and the interface were cleaner than a clean thing. Search results were fantastic and image results were pretty damn good too. I mean, it's no Google in that respect, but it's also not reading, storing and using everything I do and then cramming adverts down my throat either. It's worth the slight learning curve and mental adjustment to the familiarity of Google just for that in my opinion.

I'm going to continue to be using Duck Duck Go solidly for another week or so to see if i can use it full-time forever. I'll be using it more now anyway because I've switched my default Alfred web search to DDG in a bid to not even slip into Google's grasp. A bold move if ever i saw one.

If you haven't tried Duck Duck Go before (or recently) I recommend taking a look at it. If you're into your privacy even slightly, DDG will make you feel just that little bit more like you're not being watched through your screen.