Posted – 165 words – Riding

Having woken up to a blanket of frost outside, i felt the need to jump on the Bonneville and give it a spin. My thoughts were that it definitely needed at least turning over due to the cold, but this lead to me instantly wanting to ride it. Even though it was mightily cold, the sun was out so i thought i'd tackle todays commute on the bike.

My daily commute is hardly far, 8 miles at a push, so i was pretty surprised that when i arrived at the office, a small layer of ice and frost had coated my jeans and gloves. Not to mention the seat was rock hard and covered in ice, and the back cowl hadn't melted. Must've been colder than i thought.

Either way, riding the Bonneville in any condition is incredible, except hail or rain... riding in hail or rain just basically feels like someone is whipping you in the face with barbed wire. Cold, wet, barbed wire!