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Today was round 3 of my consultations for the bike crash that I had a year or so back. The extremely slow healing of my elbow and sometimes excruciatingly painful finger has been nothing short of annoying. 2 operations, a butt load of physio and countless trips to the outpatients department and I'm still suffering from it.

Even though I've been told to try and not use my finger too much, I don't currently have a car licence. So my only real mode of transport involves two wheels or the delights that are public transport. To be totally honest, I can't really think of a worse way to travel than public transport so I'd rather suck up the pain and go on my own.

This issue lead to me travelling to the Orthopaedic specialist in Wrightington on the motorbike thus making the journey far too much fun. Riding the Bonneville makes any journey, no matter the destination, a whole load of fun! Having to grit your teeth for physio no matter how painful however, is at the bottom of the list of enjoyable activities for today.