New Camera!.

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Over the past few months, in fact pretty much since the beginning of this year, I've been missing my DSLR. Since the demise of my camera a couple of years back now, I've been purely using my iPhone as my photography device and as much as the iPhone is a decent camera device, it's just not a DSLR.

Previously, I was using a Nikon D40x. As much as this isn't anything special in the DSLR world, at the time this was my first ever DSLR and I loved every second with it. It taught me so much about photography. Unfortunately, due to a freak incident when I stupidly hadn't connected the camera to a tripod securely enough, the camera plunged to the ground and destroyed the hot shoe, attached flash trigger, lens and the sensor.

Gutted wasn't really the word.... distraught I think comes slightly closer.

My new Nikon

When I had the D40x, I was always spending time looking at what other camera's were on the market, what I could potentially upgrade too, etc.. The upgrade that I was always drawn to was the Nikon D80. There was just something about it that I loved. It wasn't a massive upgrade, but there was just so much more control available over the photo's that I was trying to take.

A few weeks back now I made the decision that I needed a new camera. After a couple of visits to local shops and some review reading online, I quickly realised that over the years that I hadn't been using my camera, things had changed incredibly and I honestly had no idea what I was looking at. I jumped on eBay and had a look at how much the Nikon D80 was going for these days. Surprised by how cheap they'd become over the years, I jumped onto a couple of auctions and eventually won myself a lovely little specimen.

Recent Photos

Since taking delivery of my new camera, I've been out and about as much as I can be at the moment trying to take photos and get back into the swing of things again. I'm nowhere near as confident taking photos as I was previously, but hopefully this will come back soon.

Take a look at these and let me know what you think.