Outcast is aiming to become the fastest, easiest and most vibrant way to listen to, promote and share your favourite podcasts. There are a number of podcast apps on the market but the idea of Outcast was to allow the user to find their podcasts but to also take a leaf from Spotify's book and create an app that not only looks great but is also something that the user actually wanted to use.

Initial Product

We set about designing and prototyping a simple MVP over the course of a few weeks and started user testing almost instantly. It was heavily beneficial to see and hear back from the users who signed up to the initial alpha version of Outcast, and not only did they give us some amazing feedback on the app at that stage, but also what could be done better to improve their experience.


Following the initial feedback, changes to both the design and the app journey were implemented, and we also saved a lot of time using the initial design prototypes and sprite sheets before moving along further with development. At this current phase, Outcast is currently in the phase of building a stable and scalable platform that is being made ready for more features and future development.