Goodbye Treehouse show.

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Since finding podcasts, i've been a subscriber of the Treehouse show. If you've not seen the Treehouse show before, it's basically a couple of web guys, specifically Nick Pettit and Jason Seifer, sitting behind a couple of MacBooks showcasing primarily front-end technologies from around the internet and having a chat and a joke about them. It's pretty easy watching, nothing to shout about but i just have it on in my headphones whilst i'm working as a break from the dirtiest metal music i can find.

Episode 150 was the last of this series and I'll be totally honest, I think I'm going to miss it! The Treehouse Show isn't necessarily the most educational of podcasts out there but what it does do well is provide a welcomed bit of live easy listening and some sometimes interesting posts and technologies that have been released recently.

Working full-time in an agency environment, I find myself losing touch with the internet quite often. I used to spend a good portion of my working day checking Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, reading my RSS feeds and talking on IRC/IM with some of my close friends who also work in the industry. When work gets busy which is more often than not at the moment, checking these platforms and engaging in conversation with people that aren't sat within the studio is proving harder and harder.

During these times, I'd generally just stick my headphones in and listen to music and podcasts. The Treehouse Show was one of those podcasts that you didn't really need to concentrate on but when they brought something interesting to the table or something that appealed to me, I would save it to my Pocket for later.

Looks like I'll have to try and make more of an effort with RSS from now on. I've got a sneaky feeling that Treehouse will release something similar in the future however... I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for that.