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It seems that since the boom in vlogging, podcasts have also had a boost of late and as a result of this, I've been finding more and more interesting podcasts to fill my earholes with interesting and relevant topics. A couple of years ago I was subscribed to a handful of podcasts that primarily related around cultural and social topics/debate but after a while, they seemed to drop off and stop broadcasting.


My main issue is that I've realised that I can't listen to music and be 100% productive. As painful as that is to say, it's the truth. Music means way too much to me and when listening through my collection of playlists on Spotify, I'd find myself concentrating more on what I was listening to at that time rather than the task at hand.

This is where podcasts have saved my day. I can quite happily stick my headphones on and listen to podcasts all day and not get distracted. Podcasts allow me to concentrate on what I'm doing and not get distracted by other things around me, or get too invested in the music I'm listening to and find myself drifting down memory lane of when and where I was when I first heard a certain song.

If you don't already know what I'm rambling on about... Podcasts are basically a radio-style audio stream distributed over the internet, via different channels, for free.

They're generally a great source of quality information expressed by various different people who have widely different opinions and the best part is that you can listen on your commute, going for a run, working out, whilst you're working (if your job allows) or anywhere else!

Working in silence for me is damn near impossible. Doing anything in silence is damn near impossible for that matter. I can't even go to sleep without having some noise in the background (a fact that my wife hates). Even if it's only some white noise fizzing away quietly in the background, I need something other than silence. I suffer from slight tinnitus in both my ears which I put down to years of playing in heavy rock/punk bands, going to shows of the same kind of genre and riding motorbikes. It's never /too/ bad, but silence accentuates the ringing to a nearly unbearable annoyance.

Why I feel that everyone should listen to podcasts

I don't mean for this statement to sound like I'm preaching or dictating how you should live your life, but I feel that the creators of some of the podcasts out there aren't getting enough credit or audience for their work. Don't get me wrong, there are quite obviously a number of very successful podcast channels out there but for the most part, they're generally hosted by a celebrity of some kind with an already existing audience to tap into.

Creating a podcast must be a relatively difficult task yet there doesn't really seem to be a single platform dedicated to these creators that picked up the same traction as something like YouTube did for vlogging/video. I'd love to be the person that could create such a platform but I also can't be the first person that's thought about doing this... which suggests that it's possibly already been tried (and potentially failed) as a result.

Podcasts you'll want to subscribe to

So here's my list of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. I'm not expecting them all to be to everyone's tastes but if you have an interest in digital design, website design, development or programming as a whole, I think you'll find something that you like in at least one of these.

Plus I've added some "off topic" podcasts further down which might be of interest too.

Front-End Happy Hour
1. Front-End Happy Hour


Front-End Happy Hour is a great little podcast that features a panel of developers from notable tech companies who discuss topics and subjects surrounding web development as a whole over some drinks. I'd like to imagine that this type of thing happens most evenings in the valley but I don't think that's the case... hence why this podcast exists.

Link: http://frontendhappyhour.com/ or iTunes

Front-End Five
2. Front-End Five

Code School

5 minute short podcasts that contain all the news from the world of front-end development in one handy place.

Link: https://frontendfive.codeschool.com/ or iTunes

Developer Tea
3. Developer Tea

Jonathan Cutrell

A short but interesting take on various subjects that I think other developers would maybe find interesting. I think the idea is to keep each episode to around 30 minutes.

Link: https://spec.fm/podcasts/developer-tea or iTunes

Late Nights with Trav and Los
4. Late nights with Trav and Los

Travis Nielson and Carlos Montoya

Simple enough concept with a great outcome. A couple of guys who invite people onto their show to chat about topics that relate to the world of web design and development! I found Travis via his YouTube channel, DevTips.

Link: http://www.travandlos.com/ or iTunes

5. Layout

Kevin Clark and Rafael Conde

I've only recently subscribed to Layout but it's already made it onto my regular listening schedule. Topics range from design, development and programming, right the way through to new design tools, computers and current trends in designer and developer culture. Laid back, funny and very interesting topics discussed on a regular basis. Definitely one to check out!

Link: http://layout.fm/ or iTunes


Some other podcasts that I listen to regularly

I'd like to think that these aren't in any order but subliminally I wrote these down in order of how I'd listen to them if they all had a new episode. They're all great in their own specific ways so hopefully, you'll find some (if not all) of them at least slightly interesting too.

The Joe Rogan Experience
The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan

If you've ever watched UFC or any MMA for that matter, you'd have done well to avoid knowledge of Joe Rogan. He's one of the best MMA analysts and turns out, a really interesting dude on his podcast. His topics range from hunting through to Scientology, politics through to fighting and everything in between. If you're easily offended, I'd probably steer clear but if you're open to listening to interesting people with interesting stories... this is definitely one to check out!

Link: http://podcasts.joerogan.net/ or iTunes

Distraction Pieces Podcast
Distraction Pieces Podcast

Scroobius Pip

Similar concept to Joe Rogan's podcast except Scroobius Pip is just a brilliant human being from start to finish. Highly intelligent and very well informed/educated on a wide range of subjects. His guests are from all walks of life, not just "celebrities" and over the past couple of years Pip has been joined by the likes of Simon Pegg, James McAvoy, Dan Hardy, Russell Brand and Zane Lowe amongst others. I don't think I've listened to an episode that I haven't enjoyed yet!

Link: http://www.scroobiuspip.co.uk/distraction-pieces-podcast/ or iTunes

The Evryman Podcast
The Evryman Podcast

Dan Doty

The Evryman Podcast is a relatively new podcast, so new in fact that there are only currently 2 episodes to listen to. I found Dan Doty via the Joe Rogan podcast and I loved what he was about. His podcast just confirmed my suspicions and if like me, you're interested in the outdoors and wilderness as a whole, this is a podcast that you'll love.

Link: http://evrymanpodcast.libsyn.com/ or iTunes

Any others?

I'm always on the hunt for more podcasts to add to my listening queue, if you have a list or know of any that I might have missed off; I'm open to a lot of different topics so even if they're not related to design or development but you think that I might be interested in them... drop me a tweet or send me an email at david@prkns.me