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I’ve only got the one form (no big deal), so when you complete that form my host (Netlify) handles everything on the fly for me and then tells me that I’ve got a contact form submission to deal with… I don’t even get a copy of your submitted form sent to my email!

Once I see this notification (and if your query requires a response from me), I’ll reply to you directly via email using the details that you’ve kindly provided. Don’t worry, I genuinely promise that I will not use your email address for any other purpose… deal?

Netlify only collects what you fill in those fields, and the URL you were on when you submitted the form. I don't try to continue to know who you are after you've supplied me your details. Unless, of course, we become friends or are already friends.


This whole site is delivered to you over the pretty much industry standard https. The certificate i am currently using is provisioned by Let's Encrypt via Netlify and I’m pretty certain they both know their stuff when it comes to this kind of thing.

From my research, they’re pretty decent people and want their customers to be happy. Therefore this care and attention will be passed on to you via myself. However, all this being said, I am human and if you notice something untoward, faulty or broken, I would be very happy if you pointed it out to me in private.


Legally I am obligated to inform you that Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply and that I use Google’s time tested Analytics software on this site. Now I don’t use this information for anything other than for my own self-importance. My sole usage of Analytics in my case is to track visits to my site and hopefully fix any holes that there may be.

I don’t track any details about you personally, all location data, IP addresses or demographics are subject to the glorious terms and conditions of Google, unfortunately.

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