Batfink is pretty much my all time favourite person (that's right... person). He's been by my side for the past few years and in March this year, the big guy turns 5. Since the house move, he's seemed a whole load more settled than when i lived in the conduit rental property between my old flat and our new house.

It's like he knew what was coming and never really allowed himself to settle as he'd have to leave... a bit like me and Bec in all honesty.

He's now sleeping pretty much all night where previously he would wake up and decide to destroy something or just generally make some sort of loud noise to wake us up. I mean, it's his house, lets be clear about that. We just live with him because he lets us.

He's also a lot more settled. He's had some bad times in his life with other cats and not really seeing eye to eye with people who he doesn't know properly. Since the move however, he's getting along with people who come round, eating properly and basically just having a cats life again.

All this aside though, he has decided that the stairs on the carpet is his personal scratching post that we've bought for him and any attempt to try and remove this attraction has failed miserably. One day he might stop, but i can't see that happening.

Nowt better than an iBite... Come on Jasper, lets see yours.

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