Home alone a.k.a burger night

With BBQ season now in full swing, well at least in our house it is; the Perkins' fridge is always stocked with all of the necessary ingredients and accoutrement to make burgers.

I'm a sucker for outdoor cooking and al fresco dining. A major downside to these enjoyments is that in the space of an afternoon, the weather can change from absolute downpour of magnificent scales to the perfect BBQ weather (and more annoyingly, vice versa).

> On those rare evenings of perfect weather... preparation and pre-planning is key. Lack of meats is definitely not an acceptable excuse not to crack open the grill.

So picture this, it's a belter of an afternoon, the sun is shining and it's the perfect temperature for a spot of barbeque. You arrive back home from a long day at the office with the best intentions in the world to spark up the coals. You start prepping the food (in my case a couple of exceptionally tasty buffalo burgers) and then you look out the window and the great British summertime that you've just wasted being sat inside behind a screen has taken the most horrendous turn for the worse and your barbeque plans are then forced to be put on hold.

Yea... exactly!

Then you realise that you've completely forgotten about your significant other going out with her friends for tea that night and that you're now looking down the barrel of a TV dinner or some form of greasy takeaway to make you feel better!No? Just me then I guess...

Not one to let the weather win, and instead of taking the easy way out and smashing my hungry fingers through the screen of my phone to order a Dominos, I took the opportunity to make an absolute dream of a burger for my tea. What happened was this...

What you're seeing here is, 2 buffalo burgers, some crispy iceberg lettuce, grilled onions, a portion (or 3) of Monterey Jack cheese, some ketchup and a splash of mustard. In other words... the best burger I've ever made at home!

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