So it's Monday 6th January 2020 (not really sure how that's happened, I swear it was 2010 last time I checked) and I've sat back behind my computer for the first time "properly" since the end of December. Christmas and New Year was good fun and I managed to hit a nice relaxed state; which is pretty rare for me.

Over the Christmas break, I've tried my damn hardest not to spend every bit of free time behind a screen. It's handy having a 2-year-old as they provide almost endless energy to fill any quiet moments that come about.

During the break, however, I had a wave of complete and utter inspiration, positivity and motivation appear from nowhere. I'm not 100% sure where it came from but who am I to argue with it? Now I might be the exception to the rule here but, a feeling like this doesn't come along very often and so I decided to run with it and ride the wave.

As a result, I've set a goal list for 2020 and planned a number of personal and side projects that (right now) I'm motivated beyond belief to get started and more importantly, actually finished.

I'm not going to list all of the ideas/project ideas that I've had as some of them may need some more thought prior to being "made public" but so far the goal list stands at...

  1. 📓 Write a book (definitely a digital version, maybe a physical version if I can commit enough to it)
  2. 🎸 Learn the Ukulele
  3. 📈 Write a progress blog on learning the Ukulele
  4. 🌦 Collaborate and build a simple but cool weather app
  5. 🤞 Keep this site updated regularly (at least once a week)
  6. 🤔 Something open source (still thinking)
  7. 🙈 Finally, finish my style framework

I've already set the ball rolling on a few of these projects and I aim to release them incrementally over the next few weeks (probably months). If you're genuinely interested, I'll try and update my twitter as often as I remember to, but I'll also aim to post updates on this blog too.

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