Me, my good lady and her mother and father decided to brave the frosty, sub zero temperatures of the North West and venture up the big hill to the old Rivington Hall. I've not trekked over that way on foot for a number of years (since i was a wee lad) and it's amazing to see how much of the original hall's floor-plan has now been cleared.

My usual mode of transport up and around these parts is a bike, whether that's motor, road or mountain and each of them presents me with a different outlook on my surroundings. If I'm riding over the tops on a mountain bike, I'm generally looking for the next opportunity to throw myself down some trail and arrive at the bottom in some mud covered stupor of smiles and panting. When I'm on my road bike, I'm looking for the biggest hill to climb so that I can basically asphyxiate myself for a mile or so and motorbikes, well... When I'm riding around Rivvy on the motorbike, I'm just generally enjoying every second I'm there. There's just something special about that area.

Over summer I usually find myself up that way at least once a week and it never gets old. There's always something to keep me interested. Walking, however, is something I've not done for a very long time and in some respects, I wish I'd done more. Being able to explore the area on foot allows for an even closer view of the area and seeing the old ballroom floor of Rivington Hall is awesome, something that I wouldn't normally have done if I'd been on a bike. With all of the recent upkeep, you can pretty much see the original walls and the sheer size of what used to be there. It must've been an absolutely incredible place in its day. I love that these features are still around to visit and get a glimpse of what was originally standing.

If you get chance, I strongly recommend heading up to the old hall and taking a walk around... next time I might go when it gets a little warmer though... my fingers were essentially useless by the time we reached the Lower Barn tea-room.

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