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For the past couple of years, I've found myself stuck in text editor limbo. Before then, i'd sworn by Coda, hands down, nothing to be said. That changed when i found Atom, and subsequently jumped both feet in... never looked back.

Don't get me wrong, there was a time when i flicked between Coda and Sublime Text and enjoyed using both for very different reasons. I was more than happy with either as my "daily-driver". However there was something lacking in all 3 of these editors, something that i couldn't extend via a plugin or addon.

When Visual Studio Code came on the scene, everyone and their dog seemed to jump on the bandwagon and started the fear of missing out craze amongst the developer world. I wasn't one of those people. I stuck with Atom and powered through despite all of the negativity around how much memory Atom would hog and how much more lean and fast VSCode was.

Then came the day... nearly 3 months ago now. Atom shit the bed. Simple as that really. It gave in completely and locked my Mac up making me question my decision once more. That afternoon i made the conscious effort to try out Visual Studio Code properly. I'd sworn blind to friends that i would never use a Microsoft product back in the day but VSCode seemed to break this rule in my head. They'd made something that looked and sounded like it worked really well.

I spent a bit of time installing a bunch of extensions that i needed and configured everything to my liking... everything except a colour theme. Coming from Atom where more or less all of the colour schemes available look great, VSCode was the opposite. Most of them looked pretty awful in all honesty and worse, incomplete.

[atom]: https://atom.io/

[fira_code]: https://github.com/tonsky/Fira...

[purrp]: https://marketplace.visualstud...

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