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For those who are aware of custom-built keyboards will know the mechanical keyboard world is constantly being rewarded with new and exciting keycap sets, switches, PCB's, cases; you name it! This makes achieving a "finished" board a rather difficult task.

By the time you’ve reached a point where you think you’re done… BOOM! something new jumps into view and you’re back to square one. This is exactly the point that I had arrived at when GMK 9009 came around. I hadn’t long been into the hobby at this point and when a £200+ keycap set appeared in front of me, I just wasn’t invested enough in the mechanical keyboard board community at the time and I just wasn't mentally ready to invest in it. The real reason was that I hadn’t quite admitted my problem and not ready to go and throw that much cash into the ring just yet.

Fast forward a few months and I started seeing all of the pre-orders for 9009 being delivered. Now, 9009 is one of the best looking keycap sets I’ve ever seen and stumbling across photo after photo of keyboards adorned with this stunning set was turning me more and more green with envy but there was an even stronger feeling… lust.

I told myself that I had to own this set at some point but one thing was putting me off slightly. There’s no question that GMK is a fantastic profile, looks great, sounds incredible and is very much the profile of the moment, but personally, I prefer enjoyPBT. ePBT caps are thicker, the legends are slightly more bold and (generally speaking) they seem to be a little bit more hard-wearing than GMK.

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