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Gardening, landscapes, the outdoors and everything that surrounds them has always interested me. Whether it's animals, nature, exploring or just being outside; I've always strived to spend as much of my free time as possible not sat behind a screen. My career passion and lifestyle as a digital designer generally tends to be more of an indoor sport.

This is something that I can't really get around; but for that precious hour or two that I can find, I spend them outside.

Since buying our house (and the empty, muddy and blank canvas of a "garden" that came with it), I've been able to pick up my gardening habit again. Way back when I was a wee lad, I'd spend a lot of time around my Nan's house helping her around the garden and they are some of the best memories I have. Being able to get back into this has been brilliant. Before having a garden to mess around with, I'd spend all my spare time and money on motorbikes, fixed wheel bikes and many other dangerous activities but having this space behind my house has swayed me more towards wanting to claw back that little haven of horticulture that I so fondly remember.

Over the past maybe 4 or 5 months, i've slowly but surely sorted my muddy patch of land into something a lot more... sculptured. I've landscaped the whole garden, added a shed, decked a good portion of it and installed some raised beds and a cheeky little fountain. The garden, now nicknamed #davescirclegarden, has been transformed and so has my passion for flowers and gardening. So much so that I recently took my mother and nan (both which also have massively green fingers) to the RHS Tatton Park flower show for a bit of inspiration but mainly so that we could buy some more plants for the new garden.

The last time we all went to RHS Tatton, i must've been about 11 or 12 and in all honesty i don't really remember most of it. I think it was around that time when i just wanted to go explore the amazing show gardens and get lost somewhere in the crowd for a few hours. Unfortunately, being with my Mum, i wasn't necessarily allowed to just go wandering off into the distance, so i remember just getting a bit annoyed not being able to do my own thing. The irony of it is that going again at 27, all i wanted to do was spend time with my Mum and Nan?

There was a point to being at Tatton Park this year. First reason was that i was looking for some inspiration for my new garden back at home and secondly, you can get some pretty decent deals on plants at shows like this. Don't get me wrong, flowers and plants aren't exactly expensive, but when you're setting up a whole garden from scratch, inevitably you're going to spend a decent amount on the basics just to get it started.

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