Let's go up Top Lock... they said

Famous last words. With evenings' getting longer, weather getting warmer and more people picking up cycling on a daily basis... night's out on 2 wheels are coming thick and fast at the moment. It's always fun to test out the new fixed gear riders legs on some of the local hills. There's always that sadistic niggle in the back of their minds which makes them wonder whether their legs can handle some of the bigger climbs nearby.

On our most recent ride out, a couple of the new cycling adopters wanted to go and test out their climbing legs, and so to break them in nice and gently we went up to Top Lock after work to see what they were made of. Top Lock isn't really a "climb" to get to, but it is a decent hill just to test what you're made of and if you're feeling slightly more polka dot jersey, there is a route from their that lets you climb up the steep side of Anglezarke to the viewpoint.

love living in Buckshaw Village, you're never really more than a couple of miles away from any form of cycling. This makes deciding on ride routes really quite hard. You can be sat in the comfort of your home, visualising a route that you want to take on one night, and as fast as you've settled on it, you've changed your mind.

I'd say more or less anywhere around here is good for cycling, no matter your skill level or experience on a bike.

Just get out and ride!

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