Having never really found a CSS framework that I loved, I decided to build my own. Campfire is a personal project that I've been working on very slowly over the past few months.


More or less every front-end developer has used a framework of some shape or iteration and Campfire is something that I built to use on a client and/or personal project. Due to its light weight, allows complete control when building websites, with ease. Using a code structure that I am more than familiar with, a typographical boilerplate that I've created to sit perfectly with how I like to design and a whole load of optional extras such as form styling and buttons to make the process of building a website a lot quicker and more productive for all parties involved.

Creating the Campfire framework was great in itself but as a side project, but the designer in my took over and I created a "brand" for the framework. With all the best intentions in the world, I'll be releasing this in Summer 2017.

Coming soon!