Deaf Pigeon

Deaf Pigeon was initially created as somewhere promote the culture and products surrounding fixed gear bikes. Since it's conception in 2010, Deaf Pigeon grew larger than ever thought possible and in 2015 (due to sheer time constraints), it was laid to rest.

At its peak, Deaf Pigeon was receiving an average monthly user hit-rate of about 200,000 views. The platform was advertising international brands, organising and promoting cycling events, sponsoring worldwide fixed gear races and due to its nature as a magazine style, blog website – it was being constantly updated on a daily basis.

The whole website was rebuilt from the ground up after a couple of years to handle the updates and traffic that came with its rapid growth. This iteration came complete with shop, and multiple custom features like a user submitted bike gallery and team roster. Over its 5 year lifespan, there was also a slight rebrand, a full range of products including T-shirts, foot straps, stickers and water bottles and many event posters and social media marketing strategies put into place to help promote the website and any new events put on by myself and the team.