To quote the fantastic TV series, Silicon Valley... "It’s a VR play. That’s the frothiest space in the valley right now. Nobody understands it, but everybody wants in." With this in mind, when Yulio approached me to create their new user support guides, I jumped at the chance to create something functional to help their customers troubleshoot any issues they may run into.

Clean and functional

Designing a set of support guides doesn't normally send the creative juices flooding to the forefront of design but when Yulio asked me to re-design their entire suite of user guides for their new VR offering; I jumped at the chance to bring a clean, minimal and functional design style into a somewhat text heavy and technicality focussed document.

The project kicked off with a research and analysis period that ended up being a “journey” through all the different software add-on's and plugins that Yulio offer. This led to the definition of a "guide" concept that is both differentiating and unique in this field.