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I've seen a few people doing this weekly notes type post on their blogs as a way of keeping it up to date without having to spend too much time thinking about a subject matter. Really liked the idea so have decided to try and get 52 of these bad boys knocked out in 2020 🤞

For the past couple of years, basically since becoming a dad, New Year's has changed dramatically. It's always been a bit of an anti-climax regardless of what I decided to do.

Bought and started to read an excellent book called "Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life" by Adam Greenfield. I'm only a few pages in currently but already thoroughly engrossed.

As a result of the above, I'm going to be trying to set aside some time to read more physical books this year.

Finished listening to "Painting the Sand" audiobook by Kim Hughes GC for the second time. It's hard to put into words how gripping his story is and how brutal IED disposal must be for real. If you're in any way interested in military or war-based stories, I thoroughly recommend.

Trying to get back into the swing of things ready for starting the new year. This includes finishing off my new website (this one you're currently reading this post on) and starting to plan out upcoming work.

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen that I'm starting to write a book. I've never done anything like this before so it's a whole new ballpark to scope and get my head around. I don't want to give too much away at this stage especially relating to a topic and due dates, mainly because I don't want to have to hold myself to certain things but all in all, progress is being made and moving forward at a decent pace so far and I'm hoping to continue the momentum 👍

The first attempt at the week notes idea was always going to be a bit of a toe in the water type affair, but hopefully, I'll get into the swing of it soon and they'll become a little less formal and more freeform. I'm aiming to try and do these posts during the week and post them on a Sunday at some point... that's the plan anyway

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