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A split keyboard?

When I first saw the Corne, I felt a sense of confusion, intrigue and appeal towards it. An ergonomic, split, staggered ortholinear, 40% keyboard had all the appetising buzzwords that I was looking for in a keyboard, but it could've also been my worst nightmare.

Hello Dave!

As a seasoned sticker veteran, a purveyor if you will, and someone who slaps stickers on almost every available surface in sight, I somehow managed to convince myself, very easily, that I needed some Dave stickers in my life and thus went ahead and had some made.


So it's Monday 6th January 2020 (not really sure how that's happened, I swear it was 2010 last time I checked) and I've sat back behind my computer for the first time "properly" since the end of December. Christmas and New Year was good fun and I managed to hit a nice relaxed state; which is pretty rare for me.

Week Notes 1

I've seen a few people doing this weekly notes type post on their blogs as a way of keeping it up to date without having to spend too much time thinking about a subject matter. Really liked the idea so have decided to try and get 52 of these bad boys knocked out in 2020 🤞


Another year, another Hacktoberfest completed. As a relative newcomer to the world of open source contribution, the Hacktoberfest concept was an excuse to step outside of my comfort zone and actually give back to the developer community that I've been living in for the past decade.

Putting together a new keyboard

For those who are aware of custom-built keyboards will know the mechanical keyboard world is constantly being rewarded with new and exciting keycap sets, switches, PCB's, cases; you name it! This makes achieving a "finished" board a rather difficult task.

Morning Pourover

My fondness for coffee is no secret, close friends and family would plausibly call it an infatuation at some stages. The broad variety of processes available to brew a "simple" cup of coffee, and the effects of each method being so unique, intrigued me enough to explore numerous techniques over the years.

Tabs vs Spaces

I'm just going to preface this post by saying, i spent far too long reading into this topic and in hindsight, it wasn't something that actually needed to be written. That said, it was a bit of fun reading through countless Stack Overflow, Twitter and Blog posts from a wide variety of developers with different arguments about which is better... Tabs or Spaces.

Installing NVM with Homebrew

If you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you already know what NVM is, if not, in short, NVM (or Node Version Manager) is a command-line script to manage multiple active node.js versions. Since I started using NVM, it's made my local development environment setup (when using node.js) a hell of a lot simpler purely because of how quick and easy it is to switch between various different versions of Node depending on the project requirements.

Purrp - A purple VS Code theme!

For the past couple of years, I've found myself stuck in text editor limbo. Before then, i'd sworn by Coda, hands down, nothing to be said. That changed when i found Atom, and subsequently jumped both feet in... never looked back.

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