En vecka i Stockholm

There has always been a part of me that has lusted after exploring inner and outer Europe, unfortunately, for one reason or another, (mainly work commitments) I haven't experienced anywhere near the number of cities and countries that I would've liked to at this point in my life. It's no bother, there's always time to head out and see what's happening elsewhere in the world.

Design culture won’t create itself.

As designers, it’s well known that we consciously steer towards working with companies that claim to embrace a strong design culture - but what if the culture isn’t understood or established from the outset?

Craft: Culture

I recently wrote a piece about design culture for the Craft event in Manchester... It was only right that i went to the event to check it out


The stuff you see walking around Manchester... Love this city!

What i've learnt in my first year of marriage

A lot ­that's the short answer.

As of last week, I've been a happily married man for 1 year... This means that I'm by no means a seasoned pro at all of this married life, husband stuff just yet - I’m still learning the ropes as it were; and this post is just what I personally have found out since saying "I do".


It's been far too long since i took the push plank out for a roll.

Bear's Egg

Yep, you heard it here first. You're welcome!

Saying Goodbye

A couple of days before Christmas, we had to take Batfink to the vets for what, at the time we thought would've been something mundane. He'd somehow developed a bit of a bloated stomach over a couple of days and we wanted to get him checked out before the Christmas shut down and get him something to sort his little podge out.

Let's go up Top Lock... they said

Famous last words. With evenings' getting longer, weather getting warmer and more people picking up cycling on a daily basis... night's out on 2 wheels are coming thick and fast at the moment. It's always fun to test out the new fixed gear riders legs on some of the local hills. There's always that sadistic niggle in the back of their minds which makes them wonder whether their legs can handle some of the bigger climbs nearby.

Home alone a.k.a burger night

With BBQ season now in full swing, well at least in our house it is; the Perkins' fridge is always stocked with all of the necessary ingredients and accoutrement to make burgers.

BBQ Sunday

Longer evenings, warmer weather and some sunshine in places; There's only one thing for it... BBQ!

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